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Typically anime is drawn by hand.  Traditionally, this is done on transparent sheets called cels.  As technology has advanced, it has become possible to produce animation digitally, rather then physically painting on these cels, but the characters and artwork are still drawn by hand.  Technology, however, has given us an alternative method of producing animation: computer generated graphics, or CG for short.  Anybody who has found this page must already know more than the average person about CG, and the average person really is quite familiar with it due to the abundance of CG animations being produced.  Therefore, I won’t waste time or bandwidth explaining CG in general, but rather its application to anime.

Why Would You be Interested in 3D Anime?

Aiko Running 3DI’ll answer that by explaining why I’m interested.  If you are anything like me, you will be too.  I actually prefer hand drawn anime.  The style is just better if done by hand, and there is more room for being artistic.  Actually that is true for most animation, in my opinion.  So why am I so drawn to 3D anime?  Well, its partly because I can’t draw so well.

Yeah, go ahead and laugh, but its true.  I am artistic, and I can draw, but not like those who really have special talent and spend years perfecting it.  In addition to that, I am a computer programmer, so my artistic side and my technical side combine very naturally in computer generated art.  I also am a fan of animation, especially anime, so this style is something that I would like to reproduce in my CG artwork.  If you have the desire to produce anime, and are not already a super artist, you might want to consider this path.

{jumi [*3]}Another important advantage is that it takes tons of time and people to produce traditional animation.  Computer generated graphics help reduce the work load in some ways, such as removing the need for tweeners.  Also there are some things that CG is better at than hand drawing, such as mechanical animations, large scale animations with tons of moving objects or parts, and various special effects.

New Horizons

There is one other thing.  I always wanted to make movies.  I ended up taking a very practical job, but I still have the desire in my heart and, once again, technology comes to the rescue.  The time in which we live is full of opportunities that did not exist before.  YouTube and other video sharing sites enable you to broadcast your independent film/video to the whole world for free.  In fact, you can be paid if enough people watch it.  Also, 3D rendering software is no longer only available to companies willing to invest tons of money.  Good 3D modeling and rendering software is available at a price affordable to a broad range of people or even for free!

Liutennant Portrait Cel Shaded CloseupYou Can Do This!

Long story short, you can make anime at home with the right amount of dedication, and maybe a little money.  The internet is full of anime fans, and there are quite a lot of 3D computer graphics hobbyists, but there are not so many people that bring those together.  I hope that this site will spark an interest in more talented people out there with the will to produce something that others can enjoy!

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