Adult Swim asks who wants to Bring Back Toonami

On April 2, 2012, Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim posted to their Twitter feed (@adultswim) the following tweet:

Want it back? Let us know. #BringBackToonami

… and then the internet exploded.

For all those Toonami faithful out there, this is a historic event.  This is the first time that there was ever a real chance to get Toonami back in our lives and on our televisions.  For years there has been a fervent fandom bemoaning the loss of the most beloved segment of Cartoon Network’s programming; a segment that featured epic action cartoons such as Dragonball Z and Batman: The Animated Series, hosted by artificial life forms TOM and SARA aboard the Absolution somewhere in space.  Since its cancellation many of those fans have sought out ways, such as signing petitions, to try and convince Cartoon Network to put Toonami back on the air.  I am one of the most fervent fans of ancillary animated segments with the crew of the Absolution that tied the block together and gave it that super cool atmosphere, but alas, I never had much hope for it returning.  I had lost faith in Cartoon Network, and certainly did not think that they would listen to us… but then yesterday everything changed.


On April 1, 2012, at midnight, Cartoon Network gave us the best April Fool’s ever by surprising everyone with the return of Toonami, but seemingly on as one special night.  Of course many people were asking if this was really a return or just a prank.  I was totally sure that it was just a special event for one night.  I could not hope for more, but again, that all changed with one tweet and a hashtag that would be trending in a frenzy of excitement.  For the first time ever, Cartoon Network opened the door for Toonami’s return and asked for our feedback.

So go forth and tweet, Toonami faithful!  Let them know how many of us there are and how much we want Toonami back.  This is our chance, and quite probably our only chance.  Lets do this thing!

Also, if you want to contact Cartoon Network about Toonami with a full email, they provide a contact page here:

Just select “Programming” for the category and then “Toonami” for the topic.


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