Black Rider

I’m working on an image in Carrara of a Black Rider within the walls of Gondor.  I want to submit it for review in the DAZ forums before I render a complete version, though.  I am a little undecided about the details.  I used Michael 3 with the M3 Hooded Cloak, M3 Wizard Robes – outer garment, M3 Tunic, and M3 pants.  I changed the shaders on all of them to be black with little glossiness and a dark highlight.  I made Michael invisible, however, since I did not want to actually see his face or hands.  I think it looks quite good.  Oh, I also used the Millinium Horse with the Spine Bender armor.  It looks great!  Trinity Atrium looked like Gondor to me, and it all comes together well.  I’ll get the folks in the DAZ forums to review it for me before making the final product.

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