Carrara Dynamic Hair Shader Limitation

I discovered last week that there is a limitation on the shaders for dynamic hair in Carrara.  In Carrara, dynamic hair can’t use just any shader.  It has to use a special hair shader.  If you try to assign something else as the shader, it won’t stop you, but it will just render as black.  This means that you cannot use any of the channels that are not supported by the hair shader, like glow, alpha, transparency, and translucency.  I was working on the hair for SARA 3 for the NeoToonami project when I discovered this.  I was just trying to make her hair partially transparent like her body, but there does not seem to be a way to make that work.  For this particular project, that was a deal breaker.  She has to have transparent hair or else the hair behind her body just totally overwhelms any of her body shape in the area where it shows through.  Therefore, I broke down and started modeling anime hair for her.  That still leaves me without physics simulation, though.  I’ll just have to live with that, I guess.

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