CDI Kioki and Hitoro

If you use Aiko 3 and Hiro 3, CDI’s Kioki and Hitoro are must-have products.  Kioki and Hitoro are morph packs for Aiko 3 and Hiro 3 respectively.  Each pack contains many individually injectable new morphs for the corresponding figure, both body and head.  Even though they are individually injectable, there are batch injections included as well, so that you can inject all of the head or body morphs at once.  Also included are a huge array of presets that take advantage of these new morphs.

These morphs add a huge amount of flexibility to the figures.  With the standard set of morphs for Aiko 3 or Hiro 3, you can make different faces and different body types, but it is very limited.  If you want a fat character or an old character, you are out of luck.  Kioki and Hitoro allow you to make a wide variety of clearly distinguishable body types and faces for their corresponding figures.  Nearly any type of human anime character you would want can be morphed out of Aiko 3 or Hiro 3 with these morphs.  The presets both effectively demonstrate this and greatly help with this.  The facial presets include several races both real and imaginary: African, Asian, Caucasian, Native, Alien, and Elf.  Not only that, but there are several different faces for each race covering age, weight, and different facial features.  If this was an infomercial, then this would be when the announcer would say “But wait!  There’s more!”  The Kioki presets even include male characters for Aiko, just in case you need more variety for your male characters than Hiro and Hitoro already give you.  Wow!

To say that these sets of morphs are useful is an understatement.  They are closer to being invaluable to anyone that wants to use Aiko 3 or Hiro 3 extensively.  The strength of the Poser content library is modularity.  There is no reason to have to create a brand new rigged model from scratch for each and every person in your artwork/animation.  All people are very much the same in structure, so morphing the shape of the model is all that is needed in most cases.  Kioki and Hitoro make Aiko 3 and Hiro 3 flexible enough to truly be the base of every character you need.  The entire cast of characters for your anime can be Aiko and Hiro with various morphs applied, and it will be close enough to the level of variation in character design that you would see in a real anime or manga.  The only notable exception that I can see to that so far is with children.  Kioki and Hitoro will not morph Aiko or Hiro into children.  I am not aware of a solution for that at the moment.

Returning to my infomercial analogy, most infomercials end with the announcer saying, “How much would you expect to pay for something like this?  Seventy dollars? Forty dollars? Well, if you order right now we’ll give you the whole set for just $19.95!”  well, interestingly enough, this is not far from the truth in this situation as well.  Kioki is regularly about $23 at DAZ 3D, but is often on sale for less.  Hitoro is about $10, and with no shipping or processing fees.  That is a deal that you can’t afford to miss.


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