Difficulties with Dynamic Hair in Carrara

I have been trying for weeks to get some extra long dynamic hair in Carrara to simulate appropriately during a short animation of Aiko 3 walking.  I quickly achieved some level of success, so I was very encouraged, but then I encountered the persistent problem with dynamic hair in Carrara: jittering.  In Carrara, dynamic hair has a tendency to jump and bounce far more than it should in a given situation.  To paraphrase my fellow Carrara dynamic hair enthusiast, PhilW, it looks like the character is standing in a wind tunnel.  I have tried and tried,

{jumi [*4]}but no matter how you set the properties of the hair, there is some kind of problem.  If you crank up the air dampening or the density too high, then the hair does not move as freely as it should.  If you don’t crank it up, it bounces like you would not believe.

In my experience, it is only the hair towards the face that is having a problem.  On my model, there are actually two hair objects: one for the front of the hair and one for the back.  The hair in back is fine, no jittering.  Its only the hair in front that is causing trouble.  I’m not sure why, but it may have something to do with the complexity of the surface that the hair is colliding with.  PhilW, who I mentioned before, says that this jittering problem is aggravated by the hair colliding with the high poly surface of the character.  Apparently, the simulation works better when colliding with a simpler surface.  He has actually created a low poly proxy for V4 to enable better dynamic hair simulations.  I am still experimenting, but if I find that this solves my problem, then I want a similar proxy for Aiko 3.  I may have to make one myself.

Here is a video of PhilW’s proxy in action:

You can read his post in DAZ 3D’s Carrara forum here.

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