Hiro 3 in Poser’s Walk Designer

I recently emerged from the business of life long enough to do a little 3D CG work.  I decided to try out the Walk Designer tool in Poser.  If you have not tried it, it is a fantastic idea, and works great for certain figures.  However, I have been having some trouble using it with Hiro 3 and Hiro 4.

Hiro 3 is mostly OK, except for the fact that his hands stick out weirdly, like he is a ballerina or something.  I don’t know why it does this, but it is easily solved by going to the Animation Window and deleting all of the key frames for the hand from the generated animation.

Hiro 4 has more serious problems.  For reasons I cannot ascertain, Hiro 4’s walk generates as if he is wearing high heels.  He is not, mind you, but he is walking on his toes, as if he were.  Its the weirdest thing.  I doubt that I can easily fix that by deleting key frames, since the foot movement seems integral to the walk cycle.

The video is a short clip of animation of an example walk cycle for Hiro 3, after correcting his hand position.  A clip like this is quick and easy to do.

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