Hiro Short Anime Hair *Alpha*

Well, I have been frustrated by the fact that I can’t get any of the hair made for Hiro to render well in a toon render. The problem seems to be that hair that is not made for a toon render often does not look good when rendered with a toon shader, because of a couple of things. First of all, it uses transparency maps most of the time. These don’t look right in a cartoon. Not Anime anyway. If you get rid of the transparency map, then it looks bad for one of two reasons. One reason may be that the hair is made of many flat flaps of mesh that look OK when layered with transparency maps, but don’t look right in a toon render, especially from the side. The other thing is that the shape of the flap itsself may be wrong. For anime hair, you need a long taper down to a point, but Hiro Hair, for instance, is actually a bunch of curved flaps, and it does not look right.

I tried changing the transparency map to produce the tapered look that I want, but it did not turn out too well, due to the flatness of each flap of hair, plus it was hard to tell where to put the point of the hair in the transparency map, so it did not come out very neatly.

Well, I may have exaggerated a little. Miki hair does work pretty well as in a toon render, but it is not what I am looking for in this case. I want short hair. Miki hair is really not very good for long hair either. I just don’t like it much. Nyoko hair works well on Aiko, but it is very girlish. A3 Ponytail also toon renders well, but its too long for my need. Basically the same is true for the A4 Long Ponytail.

Therefore, I started modeling my own hair. It turns out that it was not too bad. It was a good experience, since I learned quite a lot about modeling in Carrara while I was making my new short anime hair. Dynamic extrusion is your friend.

I think my product is pretty good, although it still needs a lot of work. I just posted a new gallery with some test renders of the alpha level product. Check it out!


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