Live to Fight Another Day

I think this qualifies as a project, because I have been working on it long enough.  This is a short animation that serves mostly as practice, but will be a cool little finished set of scenes when I am done.  To tell you the truth, it started as a shot of a ship speeding through a city, but I did not want to upload it to YouTube like that.  It was too short and really nothing.  I wanted to fill it out a little, but I feel like I have to do it right.  Thus, it is taking forever.


It is just a simple action scene that implies a story that does not really exist.  Heroine breaks into rescue someone, but they are prepared for her, so she runs.  I am doing this is photorealisic 3D and anime style character models (Aiko 4, Aiko 3, Hiro 3).  As usual, I am using Carrara for everything.  I really need to learn to use Poser for the animation and render in Carrara, as I have heard this is the way to go.  That is for next project, I guess.


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