If you were a fan of Megas XLR, there is a new show on the air that you must watch: Motorcity on Disney XD.  Why you ask?  Well, the answer is that its creative staff has significant overlap with Megas, and it shows.  Motorcity’s creator, Chris Pyronski (@ChrisPrynoski), was supervising director for Megas XLR, not to mention being the creator of MTV’s Downtown and co-founder of the animation studio Titmouse Inc., which produces Motorcity and lists on thier website the creators of Megas XLR, Jody Schaeffer and George Krstic (@GeorgeKrstic) among their talent.  In addition to this, George Krstic is one of the primary writers for the show.

Motorcity’s similarities with Megas XLR are very clear both in its art style and sensibility.  The main characters are hot-rod lovers, like Coop.  There are even elements to the show that seem to be deliberate throwbacks to Megas, such as a character, Jacob, that is clearly reminiscent of Goat and a bobblehead on the dashboard of the main character’s car that always makes me think of the hula girl on the dashboard of Megas.

Motorcity is not the same kind of show, however.  Megas XLR was a parody of Giant Robot cartoons, amongst other things, but Motorcity is a straight up action show with elements of both comedy and drama.  The setting of Motorcity is a future Detroit, where an evil billionaire, Abraham Kane, has created a new “utopian” city called Detroit Deluxe, built over the old city.  In Detroit Deluxe, everything is sparkling clean, new, and safe, but this is in exchange for living with an Orwellian loss of freedom.  The heros of the story are the band of freedom fighters living in a makeshift fortress in the old city underneath, called Motorcity.  They fight to awaken the citizens of Detroit Deluxe to what they have lost and break the control of Kane.  Of course, this involves lots of action and over-the-top car chases in their super hot-rod vehicles.  Its exactly what you would expect if the makers of Megas XLR decided to be more serious.

As of now, Motorcity is playing Thursday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern time.  If you love animation, be sure to check this one out.  Also, if you have never seen Megas XLR, you are really missing out.  You can purchase it on the XBox Live Marketplace, or iTunes.

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