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Fan based recreation of the popular Cartoon Network action segment, Toonami.


This segment was greatly loved by me and others, not only for many great shows, but for its incredible style.  The people that produced Toonami did not just make something that would attract kids attention.  The bumpers, promos, and corresponding were often truly artistic.  The environment exhibited a tasteful style that was unique and uniquely appealing to the sort of people who would watch the programming they offered.  It was just right for me.  Toonami was a good example of what made Cartoon Network great during their golden age.  They made programming that was not just targeted at childeren, but rather could be appealing to people of all ages, as long as they had the appropriate taste.


Toonami’s popularity has resulted in a vacuum being left after Cartoon Network let it crumble and then cancelled it.  There are enough Toonami faithful like myself to power a fan based recreation.  Also, many of us are old enough to make it happen.  At first, I rejected NeoToonami as a pipe dream that some naive teenagers thought up, doomed to meet the fate of a harsh reality.  Then I heard some of the music that one member was composing in the same style as the Toonami bumper music composed by Joe Boyd Virgil.  It was good.  It was so good that I took a second look at NeoToonami.


When I really started paying attention, I found that NeoToonami was not being run by a bunch of unrealistic fanboys.  These guys are intelligent, talented, and hard working.  I was also impressed by the fact that the NeoToonami project is actually getting some attention from one of the original creator/producers of Toonami, Jason DeMarco.  I could see that this project had the potential to really go somewhere, and I wanted to be part of it.


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