Particle System


Particle System for Poser is just that: a Particle System for Smith Micro’s Poser.

What is a particle system?

A particle system is a tool that can simulate certain kinds of “fuzzy” or chaotic phenomena using a large number of “particles.”  Each particle has a very simple geometry and is positioned or animated in the scene according to physics or other rules.

What can I use Particle System for?

Particle System for Poser can be used to simulate many effects such as sparks, falling leaves, snow, dust, fire, explosions, smoke, waterfalls, or fountains.  It can also be used to generate more abstract visual effects like glowing trails, magic spells, etc, but you are not limited to these things.  Particle System is designed to be a generic, flexible tool that you can use to build whatever effect you need to bring your imagination to life.

Where can I buy Particle System?

Particle System for Poser is still under development, so it is not for sale yet.  In the meantime, if you want to ask questions or talk to me about it, you can find me at:

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