HD Rocket Demo for Particle System for Poser

I am developing a particle system for Poser. This is the latest demo of my progress.

There are two rocket blasts, each made with the use of two conic particle emitters.  The particles are configured to be large fuzzy dots.  The shape of each particle is a triangle, but I use the material settings to make it render as a fuzzy dot.  Although both emitters are emitting fuzzy spots, one set is glowing yellow, while the other is jet black.  This produces a pretty nice rocket blast effect as they randomly overlap each other at different distances and in different places.

In my last demo, the ship was not moving, so the rocket blasts were simply in a straight line.  In this one, I have moved the ship around in its flight path, to demonstrate the fact that the rocket blasts are indeed streams of particles, and not just some kind of textured cones.  This highlights part of the benefit of using a particle system for this kind of thing, rather than just making a prop that looks like a straight blast of some kind.

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