Toonami is Back!

Its official!  Toonami is back!

I never thought this day would come until Adult Swim so recently started letting on that it was in consideration, but they announced today that Toonami is officially coming back to Cartoon Network as a part of Adult Swim.  The announcement is on the adult swim website.  Today is the upfront for Adult Swim, so there was talk of an announcement on Twitter, but it was all rumor.  Steve Blum tweeted out that something “juicy” was going to drop around 6PM EDT.  Then around 5PM EDT, the news was out, and again, the Internet exploded.

If it was not for the Toonami faithful, this would never have happened.  Our dedication and creativity is what made it possible, because without that, Adult Swim would not have known how many people wanted it back so much.  I believe fan projects like Toonami Digital Arsenal, NeoToonami, and Toonami Aftermath played an especially important part, because they are the clearest indicators of how much enthusiasm that is surrounding Toonami.  These projects did not just talk about Toonami, but rather put their energy into doing something to preserve or rebuild what was lost.  NeoToonami is going as far as building new versions of TOM and SARA, plus a new ship, the Renascent, so that they can produce new Toonami animation.  Also, these sites have helped keep Toonami fresh on the minds of the fans so that it was never forgotten in the sands of time.  Toonami Digital Arsenal deserves the most credit for this, since, before YouTube, they provided an almost complete library of Toonami bumpers and promos.  If you have been a part of any of these projects, you played a real part in bringing Toonami back, and we are all grateful.

The question remains: What will be on the new Toonami?  The Anime News Network has posted an article that includes a schedule that came from the TV Guide listings, but that is not official.  This could make or break Toonami as a new phenomenon.  If they just keep showing the same Adult Swim anime shows that have always been on, it will definitely be disappointing.  The fans want the original shows and the also want new shows, but the one thing they don’t want is more of Adult Swim’s tired lineup.  (Except for Cowboy Bebop… that can stay, of course)

Since it is part of Adult Swim, it goes without saying that they are targeting the same people that used to watch it when they were younger.  This means that the programming can be more mature.  Some will say that is good and some will say that is bad.  Personally, I like that there will be fewer restrictions, but I don’t want it to be too adult like so much of adult swim.  That would ruin Toonami.

There is plenty of time for wondering if they will screw it up, but for now, I don’t want to think about that.  I just want to rejoice in the moment; Toonami is back, people!


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