YAToon and other news.

Well, I have YAToon now.  It is fantastic!  I think this may eliminate the need for DAZ Studio in my cel-shading process.  I still think I will finish the DAZ Studio tutorial that I was making, but in the future, I will probably use Carrara or Poser for my actual cel-shading.

That brings up another piece of news, I got Poser recently.  There has been an awesome sale, and I took advantage of the opportunity.  Carrara 7 is out, but I decided not to upgrade, since the upgrade would cost more than I paid for Carrara 6 Pro originally altogether!

I have some vouchers leftover from DAZ3D’s Platinum Club anniversary sale back in October, and I need to spend those this month, but I don’t think I’ll use them on Carrara 7.  I think I may get the V4 morphs and maps++.  This seems like a pretty basic thing that I will need if I want to do much of anything with V4/A4.  I’ll blog more about Poser later.  I am still playing with it.

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